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Get Ready To Meet Our 2015 Kids!

I am happy to introduce to you our 2015 Fighting Faces Calendar Kids!  
Back row - Rylee Cavins, Jack Hanna, Julie Hanna, Tara Hetterscheidt.  
Front row - Lilly Webb, Ariella Waderker, Daniel Schriml, Luke Benner, Jarrod "JJ" Raver,  Beau Hefner, Liam Church, William Lockhart, Samuel Godsey.

*Not pictured - Raygen Kramer.

The faces that appear on the calendar pages are children from central Ohio and the furry faces of the animals from The Columbus Zoo.  The Zoo is focused on making a difference in the lives of the children fighting cancer and increasing awareness of animals facing extinction.  The proceeds from the sale of the calendar have been donated to NC4K - Nellie's Catwalk For Kids.  We were able to donate $45,000 in proceeds from the sale of the 2014 Fighting Faces Calendar.

Familes face emotional and financial hardship while a child is being treated. The children highlighted within the pages of this calendar provide motivation and inspiration to all fighting similar battles.  This is a unique endeavor as most cancer-related charities are aimed at research.  We are extremely delighted to have partnered with Nellie Krumlauf and her charity NC4K.org.  We look forward to working with Nellie and support her and assist her in her efforts in changing the outcomes of people's lives.

In addition, the Zoo animals highlighted in this calendar remind us of the importance of conservation. This project will support the Columbus Zoo Conservation Program which has already distributed over $4.3 million in conservation grants.

What started out as a project with the hopes of making a difference in the lives of these children, it is our lives that have been forever changed.  Please join us in making a difference today.
Please purchase your calendar today and meet these wonderful kids and help make a difference.  You may purchase the calendar at:
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